We are pasionate. We’re what we write and draw. The same people who go to meetings to collect briefings and who carry the video camera when needed. We’re the Oompa-Loompas of Alcandora. Its stormtroopers. The students of Hogwarts. And this is what we can do for you


We conduct branding campaigns to give your product the power of the brand as its key differentiating factor. We offer services such as naming, corporate identity, positioning, brand development and brand architecture. We didn’t invent the Coca-Cola brand, but almost.


We’re specialists in graphic design and multimedia. We create logos, stationery, editorial design, outdoor advertising, large-format advertising, web projects, multimedia presentations, apps for Android and IOs, e-commerce projects using Magento and HTML5 technology among others… and anything you can possibly imagine.


We’re in our element working with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, SEO, SEM, etc. We’re experts in online reputation and we’re proud to have the most marvellous Community Managers in the entire galaxy. We’re up to date with the trends, lingo and ways to ensure that your brand/project has the visibility it needs online. #alcandora_sabe #redes_sociales


We’re well aware that there’s nothing more complicated than organising an event for thousands of people or organising some workshops and an exhibition at Plaza de Callao, but we’re more than capable of doing so, doing it well, and with a smile. We offer press office, media contracting and consultancy services.


We film and produce spots for both cinema and television. And naturally, we also create corporate videos for big and small clients alike. We have editing, production and post-production services. Stop Motion, Motion Graphics…etc. Photography services for fashion, advertising, products and photo stories. We also offer creation, voice-over and recording services for radio and digital media adverts.


And if you need a little bit of everything, you can leave everything in our hands and we’ll get the entire team to work on your campaign. Designers, producers, executives, creative staff, etc. Seamless and colourful 360º campaigns to respond to all the needs of our clients. We’re the advertising agency for you!



We take great pride in a job well done, without hurry but without pause, and like all good stories, there’s preparation, climax and a (happy) ending.


The first thing we do is think. We think big. We think about the possibilities far and wide. We come up with proposals to meet the needs of the client and project, we put them all together, and we examine it from all angles just to make sure that we’ve got everything covered.


Once we know what we’re going to do, it’s time to work on the how. It’s the time to draw, sketch, plan and think armed with colour pencils. We create storyboards, we design user experiences, we fill sheets of paper with logos and shapes, we scribble countless sheets of possible texts.


Now here’s one of the most crucial moments in the entire process: developing the proposal approved by the client. It’s the time to create vectors, film and produce, read out and programme. This is definitely one of the most exciting and satisfying moments in our job.


Yes. Once we’ve submitted the project, we’re not going to just forget about it. We follow-up to suggest improvements should they be necessary. But it’s also a way for us to learn and improve, because each project is different. Each project has a piece of ourselves, and as such, we like to keep an eye on it

Also, it is a crucial stage of writing a thesis, since it manifests whether you are ready to enter guys the world of mature scientists or not.